Different self-assessment tools.

The CoreCHI™ Practice Examination consists of 30 multiple-choice questions. The questions are divided into the same domains that appear on the actual CoreCHI™ certification examination.

The examination will be scored and feedback is provided.  Correct answers and explanations of both correct and incorrect answers will also be provided. However, no diagnostic information on performance to indicate readiness is offered.

The intent of this practice examination is to give you experience with a computer-based test delivery system, and to provide information regarding the format of the questions and the type of content that you can expect to see on the CoreCHI™ certification examination.

You may access the practice exam for a period of 6 months following your purchase date. You will be able to take the exam up to 10 times during this eligibility period. For each attempt, you will have up to three (3) hours to complete the test. You may log off and return at your convenience within the 6-month eligibility period. Each new attempt will show your previously selected answers, and you will have an opportunity to change them if you wish. 

Your score on the practice exam is NOT predictive of your score on the certification exam.

Who should take this exam:

Any healthcare interpreter is allowed to take this exam. The CoreCHI™ Practice Examination is appropriate for those who would like to practice the types of questions that will appear on the CoreCHI™ certification examination. It is not required to take this practice exam before taking the actual exam.